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A Bakery / Deli where all feel welcome!

Whowe are

“Mooz Brothers / n. A place where herds congregate in close unity to enjoy each other’s company, have a meal together and fill their baskets with delectable goods (v / Shmooz) (ref: “come shmooz at Mooz”) commonly used terminology, inviting herds to gather at the grazing site, to rest, nibble, yak and all in all enjoy a relaxing time together.

Mooz Brothers was established in 2006. Two Krugersdorp brothers decided that they wanted to grow Kosher milchik offerings in Johannesburg. They found a tiny outlet in the outskirts of Sandringham and put their vision in motion. Today Mooz has thrived to become a household name in all things dairy and parev. A Bakery/ Deli where all feel welcome.